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here are some services you will love to have.

The magic team behind navail.


Roghmal The Brain

Roghmal is like Prof. Charles Xavier he knows whats on your mind and puts together a plan of attack. Without him, the wheels are falling off!


Cagdas The Wizzard

When it comes to coding, Cagdas is the real deal. He'll turn any project into a sleek, high performing apps.

navail. makes everybody happy

Don't take our word for it, let the customers speak!

The guys from navail. saved my life! My daughter installed the app on my device, to spend more time with her.
I just switch on the family mode.Thanks to them, i get to spend more time with my family, doing what i love!

- James Miller, selling manager

Since I've installed the app, I' am able to do my work faster. No stressing calls anymore. Everybody knows that I'am busy.

- Tim Mc Neale, all-around repairman

Now I' am driving car more safe, I'm driving relaxed and concentrated. No more chat messages and distraction. Just calls via hands-free system. Everything works automatically.

- Marie Lopez, entrepreneur

The guys from navail. are awesome! I love the freestatus mode. Now I can catch waves and my friends know the spot.
Thanks to them, i get to spend more time in the water doing what i love!

- Andy Thompson, surf instructor

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get your own assistent

Let's talk if you interesseted in any seriously invest or support!

So, are you ready to for this awesome journey with us?

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Car Mode

we care for your safety.

you will drive more concentrated and safer. There is no more stress with chatting and no more unimportand things to do, lean back and arrive safe. You will be connected to your hands-free system of your car. Things can wait cause life is short.

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Meeting Mode

we try to be a good assistant.

Sometimes you have to answer a call, but you can't, because you are in a very important meeting.You don't want to get disturbed. How will you tell the calling person that you are in a meeting and you will call him back. The Meeting Mode helps you not to get disturbed and sends a message to the calling person.

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Family Mode

we bring you back to the main focus of your life

To spend more time with your family, you have the family mode. If you can't stop looking on your smartphone, we will do it for you. Lean back and enjoy your life.

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Free Status

be creative and come up with an excuse

The Free Status is your personally message to everybody. More feautures coming soon...

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Video Example

Showcase beautiful responsive videos, thanks to the fitVids plugin.

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